Australias regional and global links aid

It is my great pleasure to address you on the occasion ofthe launch of the Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements. Monash University has responded creatively and very successfully to the opportunities and challenges of globalisation. It has adopted a global strategy, establishing campuses and research links in Europe, Asia and Africa. Today, I want to highlight the benefits globalisation brings and how the Government is ensuring Australians and our regional neighbours can capture these gains.

Australias regional and global links aid

Australia's place in the world: Its territorial boundaries are located in the surrounding Pacific and Indian Oceans. Australia's Oceans Policy coordinates government bodies such as the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts, and non-government organisations NGOs such as the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association, to sustainably manage marine resources.

Australias regional and global links aid

Maritime boundaries Australia's maritime boundaries are defined by their distance from land. This is measured from the territorial sea baseline TSBwhich corresponds roughly with the low-water line, and includes the coasts of islands such as Lord Howe Island.

The zones are divided into the following: In this zone, Australia may punish infringements of customs, money or sanitary regulations.

Treaties and Agreements

Australia has exclusive use of marine life and oil and gas reserves in the EEZ unless it grants access to another country. Australian fishing zone -- 3 to nautical miles from TSB.

Generally the outer limit of this zone is the same as the EEZ boundary. In this zone Australia regulates fishing by all countries. Treaties and Agreements Australia's exclusive economic zone EEZ is a sea zone over which the country has sovereign rights to explore, exploit and conserve its natural resources.

Australia has the third largest EEZ in the world after the United States and France with an area larger than its land territory.

The treaty describes two different boundary lines the seabed line and fishing line and the Torres Strait Protected Zone TSPZand allows Indigenous people from both countries to move freely for traditional activities such as fishing for food.

In return Australia provides billions of dollars in development aid to Timor-Leste. Asia-Pacific Region The Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies is a Department of Defense academic institution providing a forum where current and future, military and civilian leaders from many Asia-Pacific nations gather to enhance Asia-Pacific security cooperation through programs of executive education, professional exchange and policy-relevant research.

Above is a listing of countries in the U.It has adopted a global strategy, establishing campuses and research links in Europe, Asia and Africa. And now Monash’s new Institute for the Study of Global Movements aims to undertake high quality research and foster public discussion of globalisation.

Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia The Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia priority provides a regional context for learning in all areas of the curriculum.

It reflects Australia’s extensive engagement with Asia in social, cultural, political and economic spheres. Nov 17,  · After five years of relentless cuts to Australias aid program, regional aid experts have cautiously welcomed the turnaround.

As part of Mr Xis first state visit to Papua New Guinea, he hosted a working dinner with the leaders of eight Pacific Island nations that support the “One China” policy: PNG, Cook Islands, Fiji, the Federated States.

The Australian aid program supports a range of international environment organisations and programs that help address environmental concerns at cross-border, regional and global levels.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) is the Australian Government’s international trade promotion and investment attraction agency.

We generate market information and insights, promote Australian capability, and facilitate connections through our extensive global network. Australia's aid program The Australian Government’s development policy Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability and performance framework Making Performance Count: enhancing the accountability and effectiveness of Australian aid outline key aspects of our aid program.

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