Chipotle case study essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Chipotle have their set of core competencies, which includes: A focused menu which could be customized by a customer, good employee training that results to good customer service, being able to utilize fair-trade meats and organic vegetables, and creating a restaurant where the kitchen is design for efficient operations and where employees can easily interact with customers. These core competencies have helped Chipotle grow into the company that it is now.

Chipotle case study essay example

The chain specializes in tacos and burritos and has been in operation since it was founded in It is run by a board of four directors and a chairman who is also the founder of the food chain and has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

It has a human resource of 26, employees. In McDonald's made an investment into the company that allowed Chipotle to expand quickly, however inMcDonald's divested from Chipotle. In Januarythe company made its Initial Public Offering to a very positive response from investors who were eagerly waiting on the listing of the company's shares since it had shown a remarkable sign of continuous growth and profitability.

The share price doubled on the first day of listing as a public company. The company employs quality financial and budgetary control systems that have seen it grow and expand without landing in financial crisis since it started operations.

Multiple control systems are used Chipotle case study essay example ensure that the different restaurant maintain the company standards in the quality of products produced, employee welfare. The company encourages new innovations in its products and that is why they have some of the restaurants selling beer and margaritas depending on the location and demand from the clients.

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The company has focused mainly on its initial core business which has proven to be an advantage to the business because all emphasis is given to ensure the company mission is upheld without side destructions from extra deviations from the core business.

Despite of its success, Chipotle does face key strategic issues that the company has to deal with. Due to its rapid growth and need to keep growing, the company has encountered problems when raising the money to finance new operations since it is all company owned and does not franchise.

The large number of outlets also makes it difficult to ensure that company standards are met and maintained thus some outlets have lagged behind leading to embarrassing incidents like the norovirus outbreak in Kent, Ohio.

The company's strategy still remains expanding and setting up new restaurants in key markets and offering new menus to cater for different tastes thus becoming available near its clients with a choice of food and drink to cater for a wider clientele hus remaining relevant.

The company also faces major competition from other chain restaurants thus the need to come up with new innovations to attract and maintain clients.

The company has also been implicated with the crime of employing people using fraudulent papers especially in its outlets in Minneapolis. The company executives have identified ways to make the company stand out amongst the competition in different ways that they hope will enable the company to remain at the top and keep making profits as it has done since inception.

Chipotle case study essay example

One of the best ways is new innovations. This has been done by employing a new chef with vast experience to come up with new menus that will be tested in selected restaurants before the menu is adapted by all the restaurants.

This is a gamble for the chain because it has had the same menu of burrito bowls, burritos, tacos, salads, various meats and extra dishes such as salsas, cheese, lettuce and guacamole which have been the restaurants signatures.

The company has also been testing a children's' menu that is to be incorporated in all the restaurants to give the children a fun menu to enjoy thus attracting more families and children to its restaurants.

Innovations have also included plans to open Asian fast casual restaurants to give a wider choice to the company clients in the selection of food and drinks while at the same time attract a new clientele of lovers of Asian food and drinks.

The company has continued to open new branches all over the country and has even ventured in London and Toronto.

This rapid expansion has in the past proven a disadvantage for some companies but it is worth acknowledging that Chipotle has managed to handle the growth to its advantage and is a perfect example of what good strategies coupled with good management can result to.

In spite of the rigorous aspects and challenges of rapid expansion, the company managed to be ranked as the eighth fastest growing company in the US based on sales in and improved this to be ranked at position three in with a daily customer base of overcustomers.

Strong and strict financial and budgetary controls have been applied throughout the company and this have enabled smooth running of the expansive business without financial problems.

Chipotle case study essay example

The money that MacDonald's had pumped into the company in was well used to fund the initial expansion and opening of new restaurants that saw the company restaurants rise in number from 18 in to in [3].

This means that the company management did not first focus on paying themselves and issuing themselves huge bonuses rather the money was directed into the interests of the company. O of the company he founded. The relevance of his educational and professional background to the company success is that Steve had acquired the relevant knowledge and expertise in food production thus had all the necessary background to set up a restaurant since he practically knew what he was doing in a restaurant setup.

Secondly, Steve's background reveals how he had opened his first restaurant with a loan from his father thus the man has good intuition on how to spend money and his presence on the board of the company has ensured that the same intelligent virtues he had used in the beginning of the business trickle down even when the business has grown to astronomical scales of success.The nation’s current post-truth moment is the ultimate expression of mind-sets that have made America exceptional throughout its history.

After Rockefeller’s unceremonious ejection, the yacht was then buzzed by Blackhawk helicopters before French fighter jets gave a warning pass overhead, whereupon the helicopters retreated.

Chipotle and China also share many of the significant similarities, for example the love for rice and beans. We believe by differentiating our product from our competitors and providing customization as well as catering and delivery services, our implementation plan will make money in the long term.

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