Defending thomsons argument of the trolley problem philosophy essay

Bertrand Russell, "The Value of Philosophy" 2.

Defending thomsons argument of the trolley problem philosophy essay

There could be short answer questions from any part of the course not just the second half. Three essay questions out of the list below will appear on the exam, and you will need to choose two on which to write.

Each essay should take you about 45 minutes to write. Give that at the beginning of the essay, and use the rest of the essay to support that thesis statement. The point of these questions is not just to see what you know of the views though that is part of itbut also to give you a chance to think about them more deeply and try to come up with your own ideas about their connections, their differences, the implications of the views.

You do not need to give a summary of all parts of the texts, but only those relevant to the argument you are making.

Consider that I can only recognize how much you understand of the works by what you write, so explaining what terms and concepts mean as much as you have space to do, and insofar as this is relevant to your argument, shows better what you have grasped from the course and can thus earn more marks than not doing so.

To help you think along these lines, imagine that you are writing your essays for someone who is not in the class, who has not read the texts or attended lecture. You do not need to memorize quotes from the texts, but do consider the views from the philosophers carefully enough to be able to point to specific arguments in support of what you say in the essays, rather than only talking about the very basic overall aspects of their views.

Focus on the texts assigned in the course: There are texts by the philosophers in the essay questions below that we have not read in the course; focus your answers on the texts we did read as the final exam is focused on what we have done in the course itself.

Why or why not?

Defending thomsons argument of the trolley problem philosophy essay

Be sure to provide enough details about each view to support your claims. What might Mill or Kant be likely to say about the trolley problem? Choose 2 or 3 versions of the trolley problem to discuss; if you wish, you could include the transplant case as one of your versions.

Defending thomsons argument of the trolley problem philosophy essay

For each of the versions of the problem you choose, argue for what Mill or Kant would likely say ought to be done. Be sure to base your discussion on specific arguments Mill or Kant makes in their texts rather than making general statements not tied to their specific points.

Judith Jarvis Thomson: A Defense of Abortion

Choose 2 or 3 versions of the trolley problem that Thomson discusses and 1 explain her arguments for what it is morally permissible to do in those cases and why, and 2 argue for your view of what you think it is morally permissible to do in these cases and why. So if you agree, be sure to provide other reasons for why you agree!

Then argue for your view on this issue: If so, under what circumstances? Explain your arguments, and in the process evaluate at least one argument from each of Harman and Belshaw say whether you find the arguments strong or whether they have weaknesses, and explain why.

Ethical Theories

Search Announcements Short answer brainstorm April 12, Here is the document we will be working on during Animal Ethics doc March 26, Here is the document to use to give your views Trolley Problem discussion doc March 21, Here is the document on which you can give yourDownload-Theses Mercredi 10 juin In the trolley problem a runaway trolley will kill five people, but can be diverted to another track where only one individual will die.

Philosophy Philosophical Papers] Better Essays words ( pages) Moral Realism Essay Essay on Moral Twin Earth Argument - My purpose in this essay is to explain and discuss the importance of the.

To foster the ability to analyse and discuss arguments in moral philosophy.


Thomson J. ‘The Trolley Problem’ in her Rights, Restitution and Risk (Cambridge, Mass: J. ‘Self-Defense and the Problem of the Innocent Attacker’, Ethics, , 2 (), Judith Jarvis Thomson, “Self-Defense,” Philosophy & Public Affairs 20 (): – My descriptions of Villainous Aggressor, Innocent Aggressor, Innocent Threat, and Bystander are all drawn from Thomson.

For an argument which has many parallels with Thomson’s, see Suzanne Uniacke “Self-Defense and the Problem of the Innocent. Defending Thomsons Argument Of The Trolley Problem Philosophy Essay Cheap Thesis Proposal Ghostwriters Sites For Masters, Mayor Doug Lyon Durango Colorado Resume Biography, Mayor Doug Lyon Durango Colorado Resume Biography Top Scholarship Essay Editing Sites For Masters, Peace Corps Essays Tips.

To me philosophy questions whether there is an inherent morality across the human race, as does the Trolley Problem proposed by Thomson and the characters within “The Walking Dead” universe. The Trolley Problem is a thought experiment that presents a difficult moral decision.

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