Quantum physics 101

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Quantum physics 101

Since the day mankind became self aware, we have done two things, each and every individual; we question the meaning of our existence, and we look towards the stars longingly, yearning to go. Our evolutionary destiny is to move into space and spread ourselves, and our observations, as far as we can, filling in creation and adding to the universe as we go.

Even at that, they got the process basically right if not the procedure. In the beginning only information existed, and then the Big Bang occurred and that information was applied to space within the void created and the process of the evolution of the universe began. They did not have the understanding of quantum physics that we have now, and what we have now is barely first scratching the surface.

Given this lack of understanding, they came up with the best explanations they could, trying to provide people the answers to their existence they were seeking.

These answers were meant to give people the impetus to make the right choices to further our evolution. We as big brained sentient species back feed information and energy to God, as well as broadcast it through our observations.

However there is a limitation on God in those regards, Free Will. We have to voluntarily cooperate with the information God puts through us. Had Einstein not been hung up on the omnipotent God dogma, he would have likely understood quantum physics since Quantum physics 101 predicted gravity waves.

The problem we have with understanding God is the exact one we have with understanding quantum physics; we lack the sensory organs to detect Dark Energy, and to make it worse, we view everything from the perspective of God, because that is the intelligence we use to process what we see.

God, Dark Energy, Life, The Singularity, they are all synonyms for the quantum dimension, a dimension of only energy and information; just thought. In order to evolve to a state where we can start to become aware of our quantum nature and put it to use, we need to achieve a critical mass of directed thought.

There is a hint to this capability that exists right now, and that is the propensity for popular science fiction to become reality. When enough humans choose to create the same information through their thoughts, that information becomes creation. We create the universe we live in by choice. To achieve a harmonious state of society, we have to make the right choices as individuals as dictated by free will.

Quantum physics 101

Once free will is established, it becomes the governing force of evolution. Without faith and without common purpose, we only put in the effort required to serve the requirements of our egos, of our individual selves.

This is not sufficient effort to evolve, and it the current state we find ourselves in. Our social fabric, our evolution, is in entropy, and we are falling rapidly towards extinction; all due to a lack of effort from lack of faith from lack of understanding.

The complexity of understanding God is why faith is necessary. We were inspired to science as a way of asking those questions we have and getting answers we can understand, slowly gaining the knowledge we require to be able to fulfill our future function. Only by understanding the physical realm completely, can we distinguish the quantum realm by what is missing.

We have reached that point of understanding, that there is an entire realm that makes up three quarters of the measured universe that we cannot perceive, but we know by the laws of observable cosmological physics must exist. Academia has provided a wealth of data, all the data required to understand God and creation.

However unfortunately, academia has chosen to allow the past adversarial relationship with the pontiffs of religion trying to guard their empires, into their taking an opposite dogmatic, and equally inaccurate, position on God; denying the entire existence.

Between the two, neither group tasked with the stewardship of mankind have provided mankind with the information they need to fulfill our design destiny; to give mankind the impetus to be kind and take care of each other. When one puts it all together, one realizes we are part of a vast pan dimensional organism, evolving to be born as a God of our own if we make it through the evolutionary challenges.

One may note that through understanding Chemistry, we came full circle back to Alchemy, we just needed particle accelerators rather than fire.The problem we have with understanding God is the exact one we have with understanding quantum physics; we lack the sensory organs to detect Dark Energy, and to make it worse, we view everything from the perspective of God, because that is the intelligence we use to process what we see.

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Quantum physics 101

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