Reconstructive surgery

Elliot Duyboys and the team at Associated Plastic Surgeons understand that there are often many emotions that accompany a disfigurement or loss of physical attributes.

Reconstructive surgery

The good news is, the field of reconstructive surgery has advanced with incredible speed over the Reconstructive surgery few decades. It is now possible to restore function and improve your appearance through an array of surgical reconstruction procedures that can enhance your livelihood and increase your self-esteem.

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You are such a great doctor and a very nice person. Our surgeons excel in some of the most complex fields of surgery known to the medical community. We are committed to restoring what you have lost so that you can attain better function and an improved appearance with natural-looking results.

The following list of procedures are just some of the many reconstructive surgery options available here at our Long Island and Manhattan practice.

Please click the corresponding links to read about these procedures in even greater detail, and contact the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Cancer Reconstruction Plastic surgery reconstruction procedures designed to rebuild the breasts and repair functional and cosmetic damage caused by various forms of cancer can be performed Reconstructive surgery our specialists here at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group.

Many of our surgeons have been specialty-trained in reconstructive procedures that can restore what you have lost with natural-looking results.

Learn more about cancer reconstruction. Burn and Wound Care Having established the Burn Center at Nassau University Medical Center, plastic and reconstructive surgeons at LIPSG are known throughout the community for their successes in procedures designed to restore function and appearance in victims of traumatic burn injury.

Our Burn and Complex Wound Care Center also helps patients who require limb reattachment, treatment for animal attacks, and reconstructive surgery for conditions resulting from disease, tumors, infection, and other causes.

Learn more about burn and wound care. Our center utilizes a team of experts from an array of medical and surgical fields to ensure children attain the best possible functional and aesthetic results with minimal time spent in the hospital. Learn more about facial paralysis. Peripheral Nerve Surgery The peripheral nervous system consists of the motor and sensory nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord.

The peripheral nerves provide input to all the facial muscles, the muscles of the upper extremity as well as the lower extremity. It also provides sensory perception for the entire body.

Many people experience pain or numbness due to sensory nerve injuries. Weakness or paralysis can be caused by motor nerve injuries. Patients who experience pain following other types of surgeries such as a hernia repair or a knee replacement, can often be helped by one of our surgeons at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group.

Learn more about peripheral nerve surgery. Flap Surgery Flap reconstruction surgery is typically utilized in breast reconstruction procedures. Our doctors can rebuild a breast lost to mastectomy or other causes using tissue from your own body.

The results can provide you with effective restoration of the breast with results that appear natural. Tissue Expansion With tissue expansion, patients who require breast reconstruction can attain effective and natural-looking results with a procedure designed to create excess skin in the breast area.

Reconstructive surgery

This excess skin can be developed to form a pocket for a breast implant that provides patients with a new breast that looks natural and beautiful. Our surgeons can successfully treat those who have suffered from loss of limbs or fingers, damage to the blood vessels, trauma and crush injuries, nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions.

Learn More about hand reconstruction. Maxillofacial Surgery Innovative maxillofacial surgery procedures can help those who suffer from aesthetic and functional problems affecting the face and neck area.

Patients who have experienced injury, congenital deformity, and disease can achieve cosmetic improvement in the facial area that can dramatically increase their self-confidence about the way they look.

Microvascular Surgery Microvascular surgery is often used in replantation surgery and hand reconstruction, procedures requiring reconstruction of arteries and veins. This complex field of surgery is has been the focus of some of our LIPSG plastic and reconstructive surgeons for years.

Rhinoplasty Revision Surgery Patients who are unhappy with the results of a rhinoplasty nose surgery procedure performed elsewhere may consider rhinoplasty revision surgery, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, here at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group. Rhinoplasty revision can correct aesthetic or functional problems caused, or not addressed, in a previous nose surgery.

Scar Revision Our plastic surgeons at LIPSG can significantly diminish the signs of scarring and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Advanced methods in treating a variety of scar types caused by burns, injuries, and previous surgery can do wonders for reducing the noticeability of scarring.

Learn more about scar revision. Skin and Bone Grafting Skin grafting involves taking healthy skin from another area of your body to help close a severe wound. Bone grafting is a procedure designed to replace missing bones with substitutes made from natural, synthetic, or artificial materials.

These procedures can be highly beneficial to those who have suffered traumatic injury or disease that has caused skin or bone loss. Skin Lesions Treatment Plastic surgeons at LIPSG work with skilled dermatologists to evaluate skin lesions superficial skin growths and determine if they may be a sign of more serious health issues.Dr Frank Isik is a plastic surgeon in Seattle, WA, recognized as a Top Doctor for plastic and reconstructive surgery in Seattle.

He is APBS Board Certified.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Defined

Dr Frank Isik is a plastic surgeon in Seattle, WA, recognized as a Top Doctor for plastic and reconstructive surgery in .

The decision to have reconstructive breast surgery is a very personal one. The goal of the procedure is to help cancer survivors with mastectomies complete the healing process by restoring a sense of wholeness, both physically and emotionally. Reconstructive Procedures; Breast Reconstruction Know Your Post-Mastectomy Options.

Breast reconstruction is achieved through several plastic surgery techniques that attempt to restore a breast to near normal shape, appearance and size following mastectomy.

Cleft Lip/Palate

Reconstructive surgery deals with the replacement of lost tissues, whether from fractures, burns, or degenerative-disease processes, and is especially prominent in the practice of plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery.

Grafts from the patient or from others are frequently used to replace lost tissues. The reconstructive plastic surgery program at the Fogelson Plastic Surgery & Craniofacial Center integrates leading technology in the treatment of traumatic injuries and congenital conditions in infants, children and adolescents.

The Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery is a peer-reviewed, indexed journal that provides an international forum for the publication of articles focusing on reconstructive microsurgery and complex reconstructive surgery.

The journal was originally established in for the microsurgical community to publish and share academic papers.

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