The life and career of stephenwolf

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The life and career of stephenwolf

Interview with Megan Shuchman about the Steppenwolf Theatre by September 20, My Vault The internship and apprenticeship positions offered by Steppenwolf Theatre Company would tempt anyone interested in the arts.

The program has aged wonderfully, developing a more formalized and comprehensive seminar structure and heavily expanding recruitment efforts, among other things. In the second and final installment of my interview with Steppenwolf's Megan Shuchman, Megan tells me more about networking in the industry, the recruiting process, and how the program has responded to the recession.

Building your network and learning the lay of the theater-land Vault: I love how much interaction there is between the interns and the apprentices and the Steppenwolf community. Not every internship program does that; sometimes, the interns are very insular.

Speaking of which and sort of building off of that networking side of things, you mentioned giving interns the opportunity to meet people in the theatre community beyond Steppenwolf, and also that you have workshops for resume and cover letter advice and even help with networking and how to go about that.

Can you tell me more about that program? Because, again, not a lot of internships have those out services, recognizing that an internship or an apprenticeship is a stepping stone; it is a launching pad, not a full time job.

Steppenwolf Education's Professional Leadership Programs (PLP) offer opportunities through Internships, Apprenticeships and Fellowships for students, graduates, and early-career professionals. Steppenwolf () Sookie Sookie Everybody's Next One Berry Rides Again Hoochie Coochie Man Born To Be Wild Your Wall's Too High Desperation The Pusher A Girl I Knew Take What You Need The Ostrich The Second () Faster Than The Speed Of Life . The Grey Gardens and 42nd Street Tony Award winner appears as part of Steppenwolf’s LookOut series, which brings audiences and artists together for an up close and unscripted evening.

Right, and I think that's something that is especially true when you're working in an industry where you really need to be aware of that and understand the importance of networking. Granted, networking is important in any industry, but particularly one that is involved with artists.

And really, in the arts, it's not about who you know in a negative way, but who you know in a positive way. Who do you know who can involve you in a project?


Who do you know who can provide a stepping stone for you that you may not have thought of on your own? Who do you know who you can go volunteer and work for and then maybe that turns into something in a couple of years?

In other words, it's the positive aspects of networking, not the what-makes-people-cringe aspects. So the way our resume and cover letter workshops work--and this is something where I totally have to credit our general manager--is that we have one whole day it's exhausting!

They do that for both the resume and cover letter, and then we as a group look at every single one, so that you can learn not only from the comments made on your own, but the comments made on other people's as well.

At this point, we also have a pretty comprehensive manual that we use, which we pass out to every participant. And again, it's all industry specific, so it's what we have found to work for us.

Another person who usually comes in and contributes, who's really fantastic, is our director of development. She has worked in the industry for a long time and is just great. She usually does an interview technique workshop with everybody, and sometimes she's joined by our production manager, which is a really nice complement between the administrative and production side of things.

So they may do a mock interview, which, you know, can be kind of silly, but then we talk about what we saw, and what it is that Sandy Karuschak and Al Franklin are bringing up to the group in terms of things that, in their many, many years working in the business, they've encountered.

The life and career of stephenwolf

And then the other layer of that is that this year, which was hugely successful, we brought in a group of really fantastic designers.

The benefit of being the theatre company that we are is we have access to some of the nation's best designers, and so we asked them to come in and do a workshop for those in our group who are interested in working as professional designers.

They presented their own portfolios, and then they just gave a really lovely workshop for two hours on what they look for when they're hiring young designers as assistants and things to think about when putting together your own portfolio.

What's next for Steppenwolf interns? So, do most of the interns and apprentices go on to work in the theatre industry?


A lot of them do, and we actually are continuing to work on tracking our alumni network. We have 21 members of the staff at Steppenwolf who were formerly interns or apprentices, so we certainly keep some of them around, which is really great.

Also, next to each intern and apprentice job description on the website, we list four or five former interns or apprentices and what they went on to do. And you said that 21 current staffers are former interns.

Is that sort of over the past 20 years, or do you often take one or two from an intern class or apprentice class? Not exactly; it's 21 that are current. The person who's probably furthest out who's currently in that group was maybe 10 years or fewer ago an apprentice or an intern.

So it's not necessarily somebody who, 25 years ago, was an apprentice or intern and got the job right after and has stayed and then one at 24 years ago and one at 23; it's not as sectioned off as that.In this article, we are going to discuss the early life, career and net worth of Michael Madsen in Early Life & Biography Michael Madsen was born on 25th September in Chicago, Illinois and he is the son of Calvin Madsen.

This will be great opportunity to meet and engage with our local community of readers, to learn a bit about Edith Wharton’s life and career, and to discuss the reader’s experience of her remarkable Pulitzer Prize-winning work of literature before seeing it brought to life on stage.

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Steppenwolf is committed to year-round programing that engages multi-generational audiences with thought-provoking productions and helps develop new works, new audiences and new artists for the future of American theater.

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