The rise and fall of the aztec empire in mexico

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The rise and fall of the aztec empire in mexico

What was ancient Aztec art and culture like? What about the Aztec religion? And the legendary Aztec sacrifices? The Aztec Empire was peopled by a group that was once nomadic, the Mexicas.

And so the Mexica peoples continued, and the Aztec Empire began. The city of Tenochitlan was soon to become one of the largest cities in the world.

The power of the Mexica peoples became more consolidated, and they began to form alliances. Their military power grew as well, and they began to conquer peoples in the surrounding areas.

At the height of its power, the Aztec Empire was organized and strong, but ruled with fear. Ina clash of cultures was to take place, unlike anything before it. Although there was much tragedy in both the Spanish and Aztec empires before this, the meeting of the two civilizations was disastrous.

In a few short years, the culture and structure of one of histories greatest empires would have virtually vanished. Most people today are somewhat familiar with the Aztec empire. This Aztec empire history may surprise you.

Of course, even the term Aztec is a bit misleading. The Mexica people were at the heart of the empire, but there were many other cultures that formed the civilization that the Spanish were to discover. Many years after the Mexica people first built their proud city, Tenochtitlan later to become Mexico Citythey formed an alliance with two other cities — Texcoco Tetzcoco and Tlacopan these three cities are shown as yellow dots in the map above.

However, over time one city become the most powerful — Tenochtitlan. It would become the heart of the Aztec civilization. Essentially, the history of the empire is a history of city-states. As the empire expanded which it began to do in earnest around it conquered more cities.

The rise and fall of the aztec empire in mexico

Others were conquered and began to pay tribute. How the empire was ruled The city of Tenochtitlan was the military power, which spearheaded the conquest of new territory. Local governments would remain in place, but would be forced to pay varying amounts of tribute to the Triple Alliance with most of the tribute going to Tenochtitlan.

For this reason scholar Alexander J. Motyl would call this empire a informal or hegemonic empire. Ruling through a local government ensured that the locals would keep the people happy, and that there would be stability and continuity.

Aztecs - HISTORY

This system worked very well for the peoples of the empire. At its height The empire might have continued to grow had not the Europeans arrived in See this map of the Aztec empire for a visual idea.THE RISE OF THE AZTEC EMPIRE By John P.

Schmal The Aztec Empire of was the most powerful Mesoamerican kingdom of all time. The multi-ethnic, multi-lingual realm stretched for more than 80, square miles through many parts of what is now central and southern Mexico.

In Mexico, Aztec place names are ubiquitous, particularly in central Mexico where the Aztec empire was centered, but also in other regions where many towns, cities and regions were established under their Nahuatl names, as Aztec auxiliary troops accompanied the Spanish colonizers on the early expeditions that mapped New Spain.

The Rise and Fall of the Aztec Empire - The course examines the circumstances leading to the rise, expansion, consolidation and collapse of the Aztec Empire, and focuses in the particular nature of the metropolis control on the periphery. The Aztecs of Central Mexico: an Imperial Society, New York, David Carrasco, City of.

The fall of the Aztec Empire was the key event in the formation of the Spanish Empire overseas, with New Spain, which later became Mexico Contents 1 Significant events in the conquest of Central Mexico.

Blood and Tribute: The Rise and Fall of the Aztec Empire The Aztec Empire rose to its peak of power and then collapsed under the assault of Cortes and his Indian allies, all in less than years.

The very ideas that drove the Aztecs to create a powerful empire ultimately caused its destruction. It's an excellent source book for covering the the rise and fall of the Mexica(Aztec) civilization.

The illustrations are wonderful reproductions of some of the most famous paintings of the conquest, including many from the murals of Diego Rivera/5(7).

The Aztecs : rise and fall of a great empire (Book, ) []